About us


About Umiya Education Campus


Umiya Education campus  has been established  with the objective of making a noteworthy contribution to the social, economic and cultural life of our country. Having faith in the power of education, the builders of this university intend to impart knowledge to youngsters of society.

“ज्ञानेन प्रकाशते जगत “

“Knowledge Enlightens the World”

Our mission at the umiya education is “Igniting young minds to grow in terms of knowledge and wisdom and stand up high in the corporate world”. With the support of syllabus updated to the latest changes in subject, project study and field study. And this is made possible by the unconditional support of highly qualified faculty members who are endowed with rich experience in academia and industry with a single motive of “committed to contribute”.

Quality Policy

Continuous Upgradation of Course Curriculum and Regular Academic Auditing Processes and Procedures to meet Skilled Human Resource Requirements of the Society.

Student Affairs Association

Understanding the significance of overall growth of an individual, senior members of Student Affairs Association enthusiastically work towards the holistic development of students. They not only assist students to evaluate and enrich their academic delivery at the university but also encourage them to focus on non-academic areas like – sports, cultural events, self-development and health.